When marketing gets ahead of engineering


Bob (from marketing): I have this great new idea for our product!

Joe (from engineering): Lay it on me!

Bob: Let’s make our product easier to use! People will love it!

Joe: OK, we’ll need three months to develop and test that feature.

Bob: Great! We’ll …

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Be Careful Who You Prank

I had this conversation this morning via a random AOL IM sent to me:

(10:09:04) AtypicalCoho: If you respond with an away message containing a phone number, I will laugh… then rickroll you by phone. (10:10:08) Me: I am not available. If you need to contact …

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Get a better one

Last January, coming home from my Boston trip, I was sitting in Chicago O’Hare aiport, desperately searching for free wifi, when I looked at my kernel log messages. But, what to my frustrated eyes should appear, than another example of the humor of Open Source developers, specifically, the developers …

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Making stew

Original, as far as I know. Correct me if you know otherwise.

Q: How do you program a computer to make beef stew?

A: You use bullion logic.

As bad, but not as good:

Q: How do you solve a math equation involving beef stew?

A: You use bullion algebra …

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