I recently installed the Jaunty/KDE3.5 remix. I had some interesting issues in that I was trying to install on an existing LUKS/LVM setup. Whole-disk encryption on LVM rocks, but if the installer doesn’t support it, you’ll have to fiddle to get things working right.

It was up and working, but of course I was still fiddling around. At some point I ran mkswap on my swap partition. After this, I noticed I could no longer suspend to disk (hibernate), but I did not yet corelate the two events, as I had changed /etc/fstab to use the new UUID of the swap partition.

I then noticed that upon boot I now had two swap partitions active: my swap partition, and another one mounted on /dev/ramzswap0. I turned off that swap device, and behold, I could suspend to disk! BUT, when I resumed, it went through normal boot…but not resume.

So, I began looking through the files under /etc/initramfs-tools. I came across one in conf.d called “resume” which contained this line:


AHA! I replaced the UUID with the correct one, ran

update-initramfs -k all -c

and now I can suspend to disk and resume.


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