After being out of full-time work for 17 business days, I’m starting up a full time job! I’m going to be doing, as I have been for the past 2.5 years, programming and system administration. My title is still in flux, but my duties will be a combination of two jobs I applied for with this company, which were “Linux Web Application Server Architect” and “Python/Adobe Flex Programmer.” For the first couple months (or less) I’m basically on as a contractor. Then, if we like each other, we’ll negotiate for a full-time hire.

The company in question is called WordStream, “a venture-backed startup engaged in providing search engine marketing software solutions for PPC/SEM [pay-per-click/search engine marketing] and SEO [search engine optimization],” among other things. Basically, they help advertisers get the best deal and exposure for their dollar.

They do have a product they’ve released, but they’re still very much in startup mode, so I’m sure it will be fast and furious. Not quite the low-key environment I was used to with S&K Aerospace. Financially, they’re quite sound, having recently landed USD4 million in Series A funding from Sigma Partners, a very strong and stable venture capitalist group which currently has over USD2 billion under management.

So, off we go. Sounds like it’s going to be lots of fun!

Oh, yes, I’ll still be working from home. No relocation required.


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